About Us

Petroline Swiss AG is a petrochemical trading company located in Switzerland. Our mission is to deliver responsible energy solutions to our customers and support their sustainable growth. We commit to work with our suppliers and customers to become their preferred partner aiming for a long term relationship and mutual trust.

Our Team

Our team comprises of professionals working on international basis lead by high ethical behavior and high performance. We are committed to working safely and protecting the environment as well as to provide assistance to our customers to ensure that our products are handled in a safe manner. In light of the tightened legal, banking and compliance framework, our team is fully committed to comply with all the legal and ethical norms established by the regulators and our stakeholders.

Our Products

Our product portfolio comprises of mainly natural gas and diesel products traded produced in Europe and supplied to customers located in European Union or Asia.

Contact Us

+41 77 479 13 75

Brunnmatt 14,
6330 Cham, Switzerland